Crime Insurance: Payroll Assistant Stole £300,000

All organisations are vulnerable to fraud, whether they are large or small, no matter which industry they operate in.    A "Crime loss" can manifest itself in many ways and can continue for many years, often discovered purely by chance.

The financial impact on a business can be devastating.

This week, an article in the Birmingham Post details the case of Ewa Beinack, a payroll assistant who stole more than £300,000 from a Birmingham based recruitment agency over a five year period.

View the article here 

A company’s first line of defence against fraud is its internal controls and procedures. But no matter how robust a company’s controls are, they are only as effective as the individuals who are operating them.

Starting at just £550 - a Crime Insurance policy can provide for a broad range of fraud risks and provide important peace of mind.

Talk to TLO about considering whether to include this area of cover to your insurance protection.

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