Professional Indemnity

Our depth of professional indemnity insurance experience allows us provide firms of all size with the policy wording, contract and claims support you’d normally associate with a much larger insurance broker.

Firms that provide professional advice or service can find themselves facing claims for inadequate advice, services or designs that lead to a third party, including clients, suffering a financial loss.  Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for the legal costs and expenses to defend the claim, and pay any compensation to rectify the error.  As well as this core protection, policies can often include cover for breach of confidentiality, defamation and loss of documents.

It is commonplace for professionals to purchase this insurance to satisfy either regulatory or contractual requirements.   For many professions, this is one of the single largest business expenses and has implications beyond the cost of the premium, with exclusions and excesses potentially impacting the profitability and competitiveness of a firm.  

As a professional indemnity insurance specialist we understand the importance of building a precise risk profile for your business.  That’s why we take the time to listen to your needs and use our knowledge and expertise to craft individual solutions that respond directly to these needs.  With access to a  comprehensive range of leading providers, from global insurers to niche specialists, we’re then able to create competition for your business and match your needs with the right solutions.  It’s an approach that has been proven time and again to provide certainty of cover and the best and most accurate pricing.